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Your Background Check: Are You a Criminal and Don't Know it?

by Admin 6/16/2008 12:34:00 PM

Has someone committed a crime in your name? You may not know it until it’s too late. Imagine being stopped by a cop for a broken tail light while on vacation with your family at Disneyworld only to find out that there’s a warrant for your arrest for a DUI charge you never had. Sound preposterous?

Thousands of people each year are victims of criminal identify theft, experts say. Identities are stolen not just to commit identity fraud but to commit or conceal other types of crimes, experts warn.

Monitoring your own personal background check information is one of the most important safeguards from today's fastest growing crime...identity theft.


11/21/2009 2:30:33 AM #

this happened to a friend of mine. He actually got arrested in front of his family for a crime that he did not do.

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