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Don’t Know Your Date’s Past? Find Out with a Background Check

by Tom Ahearn 4/13/2009 11:48:00 AM

A recent article by a Singles' Guide asked the question: “Should You Background Check Your Date?”

The author told the story of a recently divorced single mother of two in her twenties who joined a dating website and accepted a date with a man who was attractive, polite, well spoken, and nicely dressed. However, when the woman mentioned her date’s name to her co-worker the next day, she was told never to see him again because he was a convicted felon and had spent several years in jail.

When the woman confronted the man on their second date with what her co-worker had claimed, he admitted that he had been in jail three times, once for robbery and the other times for drugs – convictions that would have shown up on a routine background check. Although she felt like he deserved a second chance, the woman had two small children to think about and wasn’t willing to risk their safety, so she decided to break off the budding relationship. She was left wondering if she should background check all of her future dates.

Stories like this are more common than most people think, especially in today's technology-oriented society, where daily socialization has taken to the computer. With social networking forums like MySpace and Facebook – and a plethora of dating sites such as and – you can instantly be connected to individuals around the globe. These communication bases can pose a great risk if you don't know who you are "connecting" with, and background checks are becoming a normal and necessary step for meeting people online. – a leading provider of personal background checks for individuals – offers a solution to help you decrease risks from predators while increasing your online reputation management with affordable, accurate, and secure background checks. By ordering your own social network or online dating background check and requesting that your contacts do the same, you can validate both your identity and theirs, and proceed into your relationship with confidence.

To order’s social network or online dating background check, please visit To contact us about other background screening packages, please go to For more information about our background check services for jobseekers, tenants, and families, please visit, email, or call 1-800-503-2364.

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8/15/2009 2:23:57 PM #

I’ve been into Online Dating scene for a year now, this stuff will surely be a great help as I try to know people based on what they just said on me, I, then, of course will believe it eventually not knowing their real personality. Thanks for sharing this; it was such a very helpful and truly nice post!

Online Dater United States

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