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Student Safety An Issue

by Blake Forrester 11/15/2010 9:22:00 AM

It's fair to say that the world we live in today is far less safe than ever before. It seems that each year yet another catastrophic event that could have been prevented sneaks up on the world. One of the biggest problems to come about over the course of the past few years is campus violence. From the shock of Columbine to the Virginia Tech catastrophe of 2007, campus violence has been a massive problem in America and other countries around the world. The safety of college and high school students is at risk, and most people agree that there isn't nearly enough being done to remedy the situation. Campus violence can be prevented, however, with the implementation of mandatory background checks to purchase weapons.

When it comes to stopping violence on college campuses, most people agree that it is not always possible to know what everyone on campus is thinking. It is, however, possible to keep people with violent tendencies from being able to purchase a weapon. By implementing a background check on everyone who wishes to purchase a firearm, the chances that one might fall into the wrong hands can be greatly reduced. Unfortunately, it is far too easy for just about anyone to get their hands on a weapon, making campus violence seem all the more terrifying.

In the case of the Virgina Tech shootings, the gunman would not have had the opportunity to purchase a weapon had he had a background check performed on him, as he suffered from mental illness and should never have been allowed to purchase a weapon. This alone should be enough for people the world over to understand how important it is to have a background check performed on everyone who wishes to purchase a firearm. If a background check had been performed on the Virginia Tech gunman, one of the worst catastrophes of the last decade could possibly had been prevented.

Campus violence is all too prevalent these days, and people everywhere should be doing everything possible to prevent it from occurring. By implementing a mandatory background check on those who wish to purchase weapons, the incidence of campus violence would likely decrease drastically.


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