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The importance of maintaining a background check

by Blake Forrester 6/22/2011 2:10:00 PM

Keeping your resume up to date is extremely important but, you don’t want to neglect your background check—after all, it is a powerful document detailing your personal history. Even if a report was not required to obtain your current position, you never know when a background check may be requested.

Background checks often include inaccuracies—in fact, up to 80% of background reports include some kind of erroneous data. In many instances, information is included that belongs to another individual of the same name. It can take time to clean up a background check and to filter out the information that does not belong to you. If a background report is requested, you want the data to be correct so that it accurately describes your personal history—this is why it is absolutely crucial to regularly monitor your personal background check report and to correct any inaccuracies.

A current, filtered report will give you an advantage in the following situations:

  • Current employment—your employer may choose to periodically check your background, or may decide to implement a background check procedure if one is not already in place.
  • New career opportunities—prospective employers may request a background check. Even if they do not, furnishing a current copy of your background report could provide you with a significant advantage.
  • Education—many educational institutions now require background checks for students as well as faculty members.
  • Volunteer work—many volunteer organizations request background checks from members in order to maintain a level of safety and professionalism.
  • Financial inquiries—at some point, your credit history and financial background may be requested in order to secure a loan, purchase a big-ticket item or to rent/buy a home.

If there are errors on your background check report, correcting those inaccuracies can be time-consuming and frustrating. can not only provide you with a complete report, but can also filter and repair your background check.

You can find even more tips to assist you in finding your new job by downloading our free Ultimate Job Seeker’s Guide from The Ultimate Job Seeker’s Guide is packed with help from cover letters to growing you professional network. It’s a great tool for job seekers in any field.


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